Thymosin 5 bottles

Thymosin 5 bottles

Dosage: 2 mg

Packing: 5 bottles

Categories: Thymosin Beta-4 

Thymosin ß4 (TB4) is a "moonlighting protein" 1 . Simply put it is multi-functional. While that may seem to be a concept that is simple to grasp, after-all multi-functional simply means it does a bunch of different things, in reality, in the context of biology to label a peptide a "moonlighting protein" adds complexity to our understanding of when, how and to what extent that peptide act. As an analogy, in our world a fork residing in the hand of the hungry will function as a tool for getting food into mouth. Remove that fork from the kitchen and put it in the hand of someone in a life threatening situation and it becomes a weapon. Whether that fork-weapon is used to inflict damage or defend against it depends on the tissue that holds it. In other words the multi-fuction of the fork never depends on the fork itself. The function always depends on where it resides and the hand that holds it, be it a hungry hand, angry hand or a scared hand.

TB4 is naturally present in all cells except red blood cells, It has been found in blood, plasma and wound fluid. However since TB4 has no secretion signal (in essence an amino acid sequence that would signal that it be sheparded from within the cell across the membrane) it is believed that it is present outside the cell as a result of damaged cells. For the most part it resides in two places - in cell cytoplasm and in cell nucleus.

TB4 belongs to a group of peptides or family of peptides called thymosins. Thymosins modulate cell migration (normally cells are fixed with no motility), angiogenesis (growing of blood vessels from other blood vessels) and immune responses.4 They have been categorized as biological response modifiers. Usually the term refers to substances that arouse the body's response to an infection. TB4 specifically is a key regulator of tissue regeneration as it arouses an immune response which leads to regeneration.