Ipamorelin 5 bottles

Ipamorelin 5 bottles

Dosage: 5 mg

Packing: 5 bottles

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Starting with the compound NNC 26-0194 [3-(4-imidazolyl) propionyl-D-Phe-Ala-Trp-D-Phe (CH2NH) Lys-ol], Novo Nordisk researchers have developed NNC 26-0161 (ipamorelin)1. Ipamorelin is able to induce a massive release of GH, being active by the intravenous (i.v.), intra-muscular, subcutaneous and oral routes and, interestingly, also by the iontophoresis transdermal route2.

At high dose Ipamorelin continues to remain active for 5 to more then 6 hours. This means a dose of about 4mgs will result in Ipamorelin in plasma exerting an effect for 5 or so hours.

The latter indicates a deep compartment only revealed after the extended sampling interval or only revealed after high doses. Ipamorelin was able to stimulate GH release in a dose-dependent manner with Cmax ranging from 20-223 mU/l and AUC ranging from 30-373 mU*h/l. This should be compared with a Cmax mean GH value of 11 mU/1 for subjects receiving placebo.

Substantial GH release.
Although linearity between ipamorelin and GH with respect to AUC and Cmax was demonstrated, the maximum concentration of GH was reached in the 0.06 mg/kg dose level, indicating 0.06 mg/kg as the highest effective dose. In conclusion, ipamorelin is able to induce a massive GH release in healthy male subjects.