AOD9604 5mg

AOD9604 5mg

Dosage: 5 mg

Packing: 5 bottles

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AOD9604 is also known as tyr-somatostatin 177-191; it belongs to class of synthetic peptides and consists of 14 amino acids. Its molecular formula is C78H13O23S2 and its molecular mass is 1815.1.
This research compound is a bit modified form of 14 amino acids of GH polypeptide; recently scientists found that it's responsible for controlling fat-reducing effect of initial polypeptide. Tyr-somatostatin is able to stimulate lipolysis and to slow down lipogenesis and to improve cholesterol level. Due to being rich in proline and providing high accessibility for proteases this compound influences conformational alterations in cytoplasmic domain of triple erythrocytes’ membrane.