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50 mg 100 tabs 

Anapolon is the most efficient and powerful steroid that can be administered orally. Some people who have taken Anapolon had increases of 5-7 kg in muscle mass in just 15 days. During this duration accumulate a large amount of water in the body, this in turn leading to increased muscle volume. With Anapolon denied creep obtain muscle growth, not a qualitative one. Many use it because it helps to "lubricate joints" because a significant amount of water retained in the body. Action strong androgenic steroid Anapolon help rapid recovery after workouts, thus removing the dangers of overloading.

Amapolon recommended dose is around 1-2mg per kilogram of person who wants to manage this anabolic steroid, or about 50-200 mg per day. At first take a low dose of 50mg, and then gradually increase. Usually after a few good days to start doubling the dose of 50 mg to 100 mg. People who weigh more than 100 kg can manage their Anapolon in doses of 150 mg / day, but not for very long. It is recommended that cycle Anapolon be done within 6 weeks.

 Cycle with Anapolon be discontinued when the "crash" of will be strong. In the first phase which is retained water cycle will be eliminated, and the weight will fall sharply, but this is expected at the end of the cycle any Anapolon. After completing the cycle with Anapolon it is very important to restore its own production of testosterone, because Anapolon will inhibit faster, and for this you need Pregnyl mandatory and Tamoxifen. A little secret is the management of other bodybuilders 2 weeks before the end of a steroid cycle Anapolon easy (Deca-Durabolin), because it strengthens the muscle mass that has accumulated from Anapolon, very good results are only losing a bit of weight muscular, but we must not forget the Deca Durabolin drugs because not post therapy helps regulate testosterone levels.