Anapolon Balkan

Anapolon Balkan

Form release
100 tabs 50 mg

Alternative names: Anapolon 


Oxymetholone ANAPOLON is steroid available on the market under the figure of pills, therefore without exception everyone who cares about the amenity will certainly appreciate such a method of the application. Similarly to many other steroids available on the market also and the one he is very strong, therefore abusing him can badly for us end. Applying moderate, given doses by the producer is a far more better solution than risking the own health for the reason market of ideas above one’s station or the own curiosity. Such situations often begin innocently and apart from side effects we can deal from really with serious consequences. He recommends to the 50 mg dose being applicable every day for novice persons. Persons on average advanced should not apply more than 100 mg per day. One pill is equivalent to a dose of 50 mg, therefore is perfect for novice bodybuilders. It is also a perfect opportunity to in order to get to know how this steroid is acting. Applied mainly up to it so that get the growth of the muscle mass of the organism, as well as a little bit strengthen it. However it is worthwhile noticing that he isn’t applied only in the bodybuilding, but also in medicine. Disturbed system given at small treatments of different kind and applied with persons which they have of producing red corpuscles.

Oxymetholone ANAPOLON is really very strong steroid, therefore requires the responsibility from steroids in applying. They are saying that this product is really dangerous, if is applied into the wrong way or in discord with his purpose. He is wielding enormous influence on iron being in a human blood, therefore an endurance of our organism also depends on this product. All the time he enables the treatment to achieve even 9 kg within scarcely of three weeks, therefore if getting the muscle mass, from which we will be satisfied is our purpose it is worthwhile using it already now. During the training we will certainly notice that the product is regulating also a relationship between the pace of practices and exercises. Great it will work in combination with Nolvadex or anti-oestrogens.