Cytover Liothyronine Sodium

Cytover Liothyronine Sodium

Active component
Liothyronine Sodium

Form release: 0.05 mg 100 tab


This drug is a qualitative and effective fat burner that works to accelerate the metabolism. Cytover 100 tabs x 0.05 mg operates so that body fat is converted intoadditional energy for the heavy exercise. That is, fat transforms into a muscle. With this drug must be careful because, depending on how many calories you want to loseultimately necessary to select the drug and dosage. There are other indications for use of the drug. 
The process of burning fat to last permanently, even if when you do not perform any exercise. Good effect on fat burning gives competently chosen diet and a goodexercise program, but the drug is needed in order to stimulate the oxidation of fat and compensate for the lack of energy expended. Speaking figuratively, this drugmakes your body in this "furnace" to burn body fat.

Cytover - quality fat burner for aspiring athletes!!!

In that case, if you use the drug correctly and do not exceed the dosage, you can achieve a stunning effect, get rid of excess centimeters and excess fat.Contraindications are also present, but not significant. Remember that Tsitover not replace training and restrictions on food, but only stimulates and complements the right diet and training schedule. Use the correct method of using the drug.